WRX update 12: My first attempt at metal fab.

If you’ve ever seen a light colored car running a lot more boost (and therefore fuel) than stock, it probably had a nice brown spot right above the muffler from flame shooting and soot staining. To combat this, I bought a piece of stainless and fabbed up two shields, which were coated with high temp engine paint.


I’m really happy with the result and don’t really give a damn if it works exactly as intended. These should acquire patina quickly and start really blending into the bumper. This little interlude was a lot of fun and I will definitely be looking for more excuses to do this sort of thing in the future. Initially I was just going to hide the shields as best as I could, but soon the project turned into making a stylized piece, with a few extra unnecessary cuts and rounded corners.

Ready for some brap! There is but one thing left connecting the car to the knuckle that has been holding me up for a bit (a arm; I bought a puller per an Opponaut’s suggestion). That should also come off today, and then either have its bearing assembly pressed out at a local machine shop, or get tossed in favor of new parts. I’m leaning towards the latter because the e brake assembly is welded to the bearing assembly from the factory (Stupid, stupid Subaru...) and I’m getting *really* tired of hacking stuff. After the knuckle goes back on, it’s big brake kit time and then I can finally hit the road.

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